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Attorney Arie Lipinski

Administrative Law Services For Individuals And Businesses

Regulatory law in the U.S. is typically a complex and lengthy set of interlaced rules and requirements. These laws affect landowners, business owners and people with professional licenses such as doctors and nurses, lawyers, teachers and law enforcement professionals. When a dispute with a governmental or regulatory agency arises, having an attorney with experience in administrative law on your side is critical. Attorney Arie Lipinski has extensive knowledge of the Indiana Administrative Orders and Procedures Act and has represented clients in administrative hearings for more than a decade. If you are required to appear in front of an administrative law judge, having attorney Lipinski by your side will greatly improve the chances of a positive outcome.

Guiding Clients Through Administrative Procedures In Indianapolis And Across The State

If you or your business is facing an administrative hearing, we can help you prepare and build a defense to any accusations of violations or wrongdoing. The complex and sometimes contradictory nature of regulatory law often leaves a wide berth for interpretation of the law. By putting our experience and comprehensive knowledge of administrative procedures to work, we find ways to defend your position. We routinely represent clients facing accusations of wrongdoing made by agencies such as:

  • Indiana Department of Environmental Management/Environmental Protection Agency
  • Professional licensing organizations
  • Indiana Law Enforcement Agency
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Department of Justice/FBI
  • Department of Corrections

Whether you are in a licensing dispute, at odds with environmental regulations or other regulatory law, we can help.

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